Underwater Tears

Crying into my goggles today made me think of Amanda Beard’s autobiography title: “In the Water They Can’t See You Cry.”  Not that I’ve read it, but the title is true. I cried today for my kids.  When dropping Big Kid off at swim practice, I was truly struck by his lack of enthusiasm to … More Underwater Tears

Best Part of My Day

I’ve been teaching a few private adult swim lessons this summer.  The students range from couldn’t swim at all to stroke technique.  I have a program idea in my mind for adults and this was a great way to start (again) to put current “theories” into practice. Anyway, this guy I’ve been working with for … More Best Part of My Day

Swimming Saved Me

As I was swimming yesterday, I was thinking about how being in the water feels.  There is just something about the water — the weightlessness; the cooling; the rhythmic breathing; the way you can control your body’s passage by slight variations of hand and leg movements;  the quietness…. Swimming saved me.  I think it has many … More Swimming Saved Me

Back to Basics

So here I am.  Back to basics.  By that, I’ve made a full circle back to aquatics.  Although I’ve been coaching masters for the past 20 years (yes, my 20th anniversary with my team is this summer!!!)  I’ve rekindled my love of the sport. I’m now teaching adult lessons and it is SO invigorating!  So … More Back to Basics