A Little Sewing

My friend and her daughter will be in town this week visiting her grandma.  Very belated birthday gift for the little girl.  I hadn’t made one of these in a long time.  Pen/Crayon rolls are such a convenient thing to pop into your bag or backpack and they can entertain kids for a long time! … More A Little Sewing

Adding to the Flock

My daughter has always loved her stuffies.  Every year it seems to change from animal to animal.  We went through the dogs, hedgehogs, polar bears and seahorses.  Now it has been birds.  Since preschool. Ducky now is enamored with parrots.  She has her favorite, “Reddy” and a small flock of parrots.  Today we made one … More Adding to the Flock

Sewing Again!!

It’s nice to be sewing again.  I’ve done a few things since being in my new place.  I  *think* I have things unpacked to the point where I can find what I need and complete projects. It is maddening and it makes me upset to think about the fact that STBX still has my fabric. … More Sewing Again!!