LOML makes me cry with his kindness and thoughtfulness.  And of course with his words. “You are beautiful all the time, but when we are laughing together, I swear my world stops.”  This is what he texted me today.  No one has ever called me beautiful before.  He did the first time around.  And he … More Quote

Two Years

It’s been two years since LOML and I reconnected.  TWO years.  It is hard for me to fathom that time has flown by and I have been supported by this wonderful, caring and supporting man. My heart is happy and he makes me laugh. However, on the flip side, it means that my divorce continues … More Two Years

Never ending guilt

So the guilt continues.  As do the tears.  From.  Me. My kids lives were changed so dramatically.  How do I get over the fact that the kids don’t have their own rooms anymore? That they don’t have a yard to play in?  That they have to switch houses twice a week?  And the days Ducky … More Never ending guilt


So last week, LOML told me that when he was breaking up with a long time girlfriend, many years ago, she screamed at him, “one day I hope you will find true love.” He said he never knew what she meant.  Then he told me he had.   With. Me.  He had never known true … More Love