Never Ending Harassment

So I continue to be harassed by STBX.  Suddenly he is the expert on why Ducky needs her own bed.  She will get one — I just need to get this divorce FINALIZED (which he continues to stall on) and I need to move.  I have no space to put another bed into my tiny apartment.  He accuses me of all of these mean and evil things — things I cannot even decipher through the convoluted emails.

He will never lay off of me.  It is so stressful.  I cannot engage in email conversations with him because they become so insane and I end up not even understanding what he is saying.  Then I don’t respond and I’m accused of not communicating.  I can’t win.

Plus he continues to be a dick and play games over Big Kid’s LUNCHBOX.  It’s a fucking lunchbox.  Return it.  Don’t send him with a Lightning McQueen box  (um he is in middle school not preschool) or plastic wrap.  GIVE HIM HIS LUNCHBOX.  One of THREE I’ve sent this school year.  I continue to send lunch boxes and he sends an empty lunch bag back.  WTF?  I feel so sorry for Bid Kid.  I even told him today his dad is playing a crazy game and is crazy.  And I told him it was OK if he wanted to tell his dad I said that (unfortunately he spies on me and tells his dad everything.  He so desperately wants to please his dad).

I am so sick and tired of the crazy, sick games and harassment.  Have I mentioned my former therapist said he was a narcissist?  I didn’t believe her at first.  Then I researched it.  And I continue to find more and more information that fits him.  He wants me to suffer for doing “this” to him.  And he is obsessed with tearing me down over and over.

He is really on the edge right now.  I think it’s because now he is *finally* working again, he has to pay support.  Which he considers me “taking” his money.  And two, I am trying to get to the bottom of why there was so much credit card debt.  On HIS cards. I have a theory why and I want to prove it.

Just stop fucking harassing me.



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