So last week, LOML told me that when he was breaking up with a long time girlfriend, many years ago, she screamed at him, “one day I hope you will find true love.”

He said he never knew what she meant.  Then he told me he had.   With. Me.  He had never known true love before.

I can say the same.

He said he thought he had been in love before. But never like with me.  That made me cry.  He is the love of my life.  I share with him things I could never share with anyone.  He is the light in my life.

Today, at work, our facilities director came by and stopped in for a couple of minutes.  He asked my office mate and I what we had planned for Valentine’s Day.  It was obviously he really wanted to share with us his plans.

When he did, I was so touched I almost cried.  I was in the midst of another true romantic like LOML.  He describe his TWO day plans for his girlfriend and him.  Mind you, he is MY AGE.  I told him he was a romantic.  You know what he told me????? “All these things are easy.  I really like doing them.”

“I’ve done stuff all this week”  ????? He got her jewelry. He gave her clues to the weekend getaway. He embellished!!

“It’s because I really love her.”

I wanted to cry.  Because he loves her.   Like LOML.   Real and true love.  From the heart.

He forever has a place in my heart.  But he will never know it.  And he will never know why.




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