Sabotage by STBX

I find out last night that STBX told my kids that “mom has a new full time job.”  WTF??????

I am sure when the vocational counselor contacted his attorney on Friday (to tell him that I would be accepting an offer that was a good one for me at this time) that STBX’s attorney immediately called STBX.  Well, the formal offer had NOT been extended yet as I was still in the references checking phase.

STBX had the kids this past weekend so he must have told them.  He also told them “when parents work full time they can’t pick up their kids from school.”  WTF?  How can he make broad statements like that?  He has set the kids up for uncertainty and the fact that he had to be one up on me to tell them the “news.”

I’m sure they felt betrayed by me.  Especially little Ducky.

I told Big Kid that I was waiting to tell them when we were together this weekend.  That it was so crazy getting ready for the beach trip that we didn’t have time for a sit down talk.  I felt terrible that he was asking me questions and I kept telling him that I would tell them together.  But that was the way *I* wanted it to be.

It was just another thing that made my day suck.  And another thing that made me so angry and frustrated about STBX and his behavior towards the kids.  How dare he announce that to the kids.

Another way he continues to sabotage my relationship with the kids.  Makes me cry.


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