When I think about someone “having heart” I don’t always automatically think of it in the romantic sense.

I think of it as passion for life, compassion for others and the ability to express your true self.  All have to do with heart.

I was thinking about this the other day.  And how heart is such an important piece of who we are.  And what I “need” in a partner. And something that was missing in so many of my past relationships.

LOML has heart.  Even way back when I would tell people he “has a good heart” – because he sometimes has a outer that can be perceived as “rough.”  Back then in my young, stereotypical head, I classified him as a “rocker” but I knew he had “heart.”

It really came through this week.  He had a swimmer who left his team.  Without even saying goodbye.  He was really hurt.  But I know he put real heart into coaching her, her training and towards her as a person.  Although there is more to the story (other reasons why he was upset) I know it was because he really and truly gave of himself to help this young women meet her goals.

I really think that passion for anything – life, love and whatever you do – revolves around heart.  How do you teach someone about heart?  Is it something you are born with ?  Or is it something that is learned?

I’m no longer without heart in my life as I am fortunate to now have partner with heart.  He brings so much to me – mind, body, soul.  But most of all, he has heart.


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