Trying to Get it

It is going to be a sad week.  But I’ll get into that later. So today when one of the instructors I work with said “what?  You’re working THREE jobs and it doesn’t count?” I thought to myself WTF?  It doesn’t make sense.  Yeah, I see how the hours don’t add up to “full time” … More Trying to Get it


I know there is beauty in the way you look at things.  From the positive side of life.  From the delicate angles and how your senses react to your surroundings. LOML is always telling me how beautiful I am.  He said that the first time around too.  When I was young and fit.  I’m now … More Beautiful

Underwater Tears

Crying into my goggles today made me think of Amanda Beard’s autobiography title: “In the Water They Can’t See You Cry.”  Not that I’ve read it, but the title is true. I cried today for my kids.  When dropping Big Kid off at swim practice, I was truly struck by his lack of enthusiasm to … More Underwater Tears

Sabotage by STBX

I find out last night that STBX told my kids that “mom has a new full time job.”  WTF?????? I am sure when the vocational counselor contacted his attorney on Friday (to tell him that I would be accepting an offer that was a good one for me at this time) that STBX’s attorney immediately … More Sabotage by STBX

It’s Rough

I’ve had a rough several weeks.  Well, it seems like every week has it’s rough spots these days. My life continues to change and new things are just thrown at me – I have no choices, no say, which a lot of it equals no motivation for me.  My creativity has waned;  I haven’t sewn … More It’s Rough


When I think about someone “having heart” I don’t always automatically think of it in the romantic sense. I think of it as passion for life, compassion for others and the ability to express your true self.  All have to do with heart. I was thinking about this the other day.  And how heart is … More Heart