The sweet little kisses I get from Ducky.  She told me last night that she had “Only kissed dad once.  It was an accident.”  The thought made me laugh.  But I found it interesting since she has always showered me with little kisses. And little hugs.

LOML has perfect kisses.  Regular little kisses and passionate kisses.  I told him once that you can tell a lot about a person from their kisses.  And how the kisses come together for you.  From first kisses to passionate kisses. Terrible kisses never seem to get better.  It’s the connection between the people.  The fire, the jolt, the chemistry. It starts with the kiss.

He told me when we kiss he sees stars.  When he kisses me my heart pounds and my breath vanishes.  It’s like time stands still and it’s only us.

It’s funny.  Both times, 25 years ago and a year ago, we started with kisses.  25 years ago I remember walking into the pool’s team office and sitting on a desk, waiting for him to finish working.  The first thing he did was come over and kiss me!  We had not gone out on a date yet – that was to be our first – and he kissed me!  It must have been great since I know I kissed back!  Fast forward to 24 years later.  When we met up for lunch the first thing he did was hug me, pick me up and kiss me!  We hadn’t seen each other in 12 years.

He sends me text kisses through the day.  I told him that my goal in my lifetime is to get 1 million kisses from him.  My goal.  I’m not sure if I’ll reach that, but it’s what I’m trying for.

Ah, Kisses.  Such a small thing, all by themselves.  But wrapped into all the facets of my life they are a lifeline.  For a mother’s love and for my lover’s heart.

Perfect kisses.


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