Second Time’s a Charm

As I’ve eluded to, LOML and I are on our second go around.  Not that I’d really consider the first time we were together much of a “together.”  We were young and he was wild and crazy and I was, well a lot more conservative than he was, to say the least.  He scared me and also was fun and we “clicked” (words I even said back then).

Life happened and we parted ways after only a few months dating.   Well I think I got scared because he felt so intensely for me.  He was intense and passionate and, well as he puts it “crazy.”  He says now if we stayed together we would have gotten married and divorced and I would hate him now.  I’m not sure about that.  Both the married and divorced parts.

We stayed in touch over the years — emailing here and there (he always sent me results from his meets as well as team photos) and we even ran into each other at a conference 13 years ago.  But I’ve always remembered him and thought about him and wondered “what if.”  He always had a special place in my heart and mind for whatever reason.

Back then he had a Harley too.  I remember riding on it with him.  It was fun and a little scary — maybe like I thought he was??  He even gave me a leather jacket to wear when we rode.  Believe it or not I kept the jacket.  For TWENTY-FIVE years I hung on to that jacket.  It was in the closet, then the garage;  it moved with me a couple of times and then I found it again in the garage last year.  And it actually fit.  Just like it did 25 years ago.

I wear the jacket now when we ride.  It had a little mishap and I am hopeful it will come back from the leather cleaners as good as new.


We also just “celebrated” a year of “knowing” each other again.  By that I mean having re-connected in person.  Although we didn’t get together until  later, we decided it was the day that changed our lives.

Never did I ever imagine I’d be wearing that jacket again for real.  But it on it’s second life – sort of like me.  Yesterday he texted me “You have always been in my heart.  And I don’t think that will ever stop. Me loving you.”

Second time’s a charm.


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