Kick in the Pants

A visit from the LOML was the kick in the pants I needed. I seriously think it got me out of the severe low I had been in.

Just the fact that he insisted on coming to see me, even though I had a weekend that was filled with getting all the court crap done, coaching and volunteer commitments, was overwhelming at first.  And it would be such a short trip for him, since he had been at a swim meet from Wed.-Sat.  But he still came.

Between the house items he tackled for me (just by looking around he took it upon himself to clean the deck, the stove, etc. and insisted on re framing a picture and hanging stuff up) without me saying a word – was a change. And a shock.  STBX never just did stuff around the house.  When I returned from coaching on Sunday am, all this stuff was just done. In TWO HOURS.  It was as he said “little elves” did the work.

And the laughs.  They were the best.  We laugh over the littlest things.  And we laugh over each other’s quirks.  It’s really good.  It feels really good.

When I met with my mandated vocational counselor on Monday, the first thing he said was “you look better than last week.”  I told him I had a kick in the pants.

But it was a kick in the right direction.  From the right person.


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