Kisses. The sweet little kisses I get from Ducky.  She told me last night that she had “Only kissed dad once.  It was an accident.”  The thought made me laugh.  But I found it interesting since she has always showered me with little kisses. And little hugs. LOML has perfect kisses.  Regular little kisses and passionate … More Kisses


Today I found myself crying.  In the car with my daughter, on the way to swim practice. For a child who is full of fire and determination, she is a quiet one, one who doesn’t speak up and share her opinion.  This is something we’ve been working on since preschool — to “use her big … More Potential

Little Victories

As I have found out, family court is not always fair nor is it a pleasant place to go.  It is down right depressing. Last week I was faced with going in front of a family court judge because STBX decided that our kids needed to go to different schools. Why do ask in a … More Little Victories

Real Vacation

So with LOML I always joke that when I see him it’s like “vacation” since I feel that I’m away from the world. My super crazy and insane life as it is right now. Well last week we actually had a vacation!  We spent FOUR days together at Tahoe.  And we didn’t kill each other. … More Real Vacation