Best Part of My Day

I’ve been teaching a few private adult swim lessons this summer.  The students range from couldn’t swim at all to stroke technique.  I have a program idea in my mind for adults and this was a great way to start (again) to put current “theories” into practice.

Anyway, this guy I’ve been working with for the past 1.5 mos. is the most determined person I’ve ever worked with.  He came in not even able to put his face in the water.  Now, with fins, he can swim 25 yds. of freestyle, kick 50s flutter kick and last night made 25 yds. back flutter AND started the backstroke!!!  So the most progress I’ve ever seen out of someone in a short amount of time.

We were talking fins last night and he liked the ones at the pool – however they are very long.  I told him if he gets those, he can cut them down as he gets stronger.  Me: “Do you have a table saw?”  Him:  “Really? What do you think??? I’m a programmer.”  So we had a great laugh.  Later on when he made some comment about his progress I told him that he was doing so great so stop being so hard on himself.  I told him working with him last night was the best part of my day.  He didn’t believe me so I repeated it.  I told him I enjoyed working with him and I really like working with adult beginners.

Enjoy the things that make you happy and give you satisfaction.  I need to remember that.


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