Taking Comfort in the Little Things

When my son was born I received a gift from my cousin.  It was a customized “lovely” with a small dog and his name on it.  That items was so loved that I had to replace the backside.  I used minkee to do that, some that I had at the time.

He named (with the help of his dad) the lovey “Bink” (short for Binky).

Not long after that replacement, Big Kid decided that Bink needed to retire.  And asked me to make him a new one out of minkee.  Bink had a new “face” and just his name embroidered on him. That was when he was 4.

Bink was a big part of his life from 4 to about 8 or 9.  He even wrote stories about Bink, and Bink ruled “Frennytown” (stuffy city ).  Bink was so loved his embroidery was worn off from being rubbed on Big Kid’s face. “New” Bink then went into retirement. When the whole separation and divorce became apparent, “New” Bink came out of retirement and Big Kid began sleeping with him and took him places sometimes.  When I moved to my new place, Big Kid transported Bink in  his backpack to and from his dad’s and my houses.  We placed Bink in a zippered wet bag so he didn’t get wet or damage in transit.

Now Bink lives at his dad’s.  I suspect he might need Bink more there.  However he has been asking for a replacement for a while.  So, today was the day to create “Newest” Bink.   He is made with the same minkee fabrics (what a pain they are to work with!), same embroidery but different lettering.  I used Bink’s initials – “BR”    For whatever reason, his last name is “Raaaat” or something like that.


Close up of embroidery


Original “Bink”


I hope that Big Kid finds comfort in this little thing I can do for him.  I’ll see him tomorrow and I also hope it makes him happy.


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