Maddening Day

So today was my first venture to Family Court.  Second time a date was scheduled (first one had to be canceled because STBX wasn’t cooperating with the mediators and they needed to cancel the date).

F’ing HUGE waste of time.

So STBX wants ME to pay him support (I work part time) because he is off (fake) disability this month and claims to have zero income. WTF?  So my attorney says we shouldn’t go in front of the judge because *I* may be ordered to pay him.  WTF????

So I have to agree to a court ordered work order, vocational assessment and family court mediation.  ALL time sucks.  So why do I have to go register for a temp agency BEFORE taking the vocational exam???? TIME SUCK x 5 (you have to go to 5 of them).  STBX would not agree to drop that out of the work order.  WTF?  Oh yeah, he has nothing to do.  And he said he is “ok working at Target but I know she isn’t so she has to go (to the temp agency)”  WTF?  So I can answer phones for minimum wage?

So we go in front of the judge.  My attorney states her case.  Rebuttal from his attorney.  Judge rules that I am “underemployed” so I have to go do it.  HOWEVER he takes attorneys aside for a talk.   Turns out he told them that he believes (in MY attorney’s words) “he is full of sh!t” and that he realizes *I* am “underemployed” due to the fact that I have been the primary caregiver of the children for nearly 12 years and I have held part time jobs due to this.  But this didn’t change his ruling.  UGH

So we had to schedule another court date in 60 days.  My attorney thinks STBX is doing this so I get a job first (he has some fake limited work orders from his shrink – WTF? where is the MD report and official diagnosis???) I have to apply for 10 random jobs each week and as I mentioned go to 5 temp agencies (what a f’ing time suck to have to take all of those computerized tests and fill out applications and interview with random people).  The only saving grace is I can turn down jobs if they pay less than what I’m making at my part time job.

AND because he cannot agree to anything in the custody agreement I have to go through ANOTHER time suck — family court mediation AND the orientation that goes with it.  Oh and one other time suck.  He took all of my personal items (e.g. grandmother’s hand embroidered linens).  The only way I can get them back is through ARBITRATION.  Because he says that *I* am the only one claiming they are mine. UGH.



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