The Flags Were There

Every time I spend time with the LOML it makes me think about the “red flags” and how they are NOT there.  Not even a tiny, tiny single one.  Nothing is even close to pink.  Not even one of those “well, I can over look that because X,Y, Z are great.”  OR “that won’t bother me because I can live with it”   You get the picture.

With STBX they were there.  For years.  From the get-go.  I remember our first date and we had some random conversation and it went circular.  Argh.  I should have known then. All of those things I thought I could live with.  Things I just avoided because I couldn’t deal with the confrontation (I knew the “hot” topics that I would get shot down for or argued in circles about) or *I* found myself compensating for (his lack of social skills and etiquette) because I didn’t want to have to explain.  The way we couldn’t communicate on the things that really mattered.  My taking over pieces of the way the household ran (or it would never get done). How I just eventually gave up on really communicating.

I’m not saying everything is perfect (close!) with LOML since we are older adults and are set in our adult habits. And I think we both accept those adult habits as part of who we are.  Yes, there are those little pet peeves we each have but nothing that jumps out.  Um, like how he is the coaster police.  No glass or cup can be placed anywhere (even kitchen table!) without a coaster or napkin or something under it.

So my little sewing project today will get sent in the mail to the LOML.  And I know he will laugh when he opens the package.  That’s what we do a lot of – laugh.  Together.  About our little quirks and jokes and about everyday life.  And it feels really good.

Fabric scrappy coasters


Oh — and for more laughs.  The package will include this pink foam ball.  Last weekend we went on a search for a small foam ball to help one of his swimmers do a  breastroke drill.  I asked him to just drop me off at the Dollar Tree and I would walk to the hotel (literally across the street).  The chivalry side of him (um over protective) argued with me because he didn’t like the loiterers around the shopping center.  Mind you, it was the middle of the day, and the hotel was across the street.  So he finally drops me off.  Then shows up in the store 2 min. later.  Of course I KNEW he would do that!  We had a good laugh.


We didn’t find the right sized or texture ball.  This one is perfect.  It’s one I use with my masters group — one lady in particular.  She will be happy to hear the “pink ball” went on to a new home with a little girl.


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