Adding to the Flock

My daughter has always loved her stuffies.  Every year it seems to change from animal to animal.  We went through the dogs, hedgehogs, polar bears and seahorses.  Now it has been birds.  Since preschool.

Ducky now is enamored with parrots.  She has her favorite, “Reddy” and a small flock of parrots.  Today we made one to add to her “family.”

She traced Reddy’s body parts and cut out the pattern.  Chose scraps (had her eye on this awful green stuff that was in the fabric donation pile (used for a Halloween costume years ago).  I sewed and she stuffed the pieces and told me how to put everything together.

Introducing “Grass Green”   She told me she would sleep with him tonight.  This was after I had my heart broken when she placed all the parrots together and said “Look, they are a family.  There are four like us.  Well like we used to be.”




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