Sewing Again!!

It’s nice to be sewing again.  I’ve done a few things since being in my new place.  I  *think* I have things unpacked to the point where I can find what I need and complete projects.

It is maddening and it makes me upset to think about the fact that STBX still has my fabric.  All I have in my “stash” are scraps and random knits.  NO WOVENS.  Just another thing he did to “punish” me.  The fabric is hidden somewhere at his brother’s and now he refuses to give it back (along with my other personal items) because he claims it “belongs to the family.”  WTF.

So almost everything I’ve sewn in the past month has been with scraps.  I did go buy fabric last week (gift card!) to make my sister a birthday gift.  I also went yesterday (gift card!) to the local quilt store and bought fabric to make teacher gifts for my kid’s camp teachers.  But it’s so hard to do, knowing that I could have used what I had in both cases.  This was over 10 years worth of collecting a stash and there were some pieces I was saving to make my daughter something special.

I have to stop thinking about it (fabric) because I also think of the lost family heirlooms I may never see again.  And that makes me cry.  I need to find the strength in me to face him in arbitration.  That is the only way I have a chance to get my grandmother’s things back as well as my collection of Christmas ornaments (my mother has given me one every year since I was in high school.  STBX says these are also “family”).  My attorney says I might lose in arbitration, and I would have to split everything.  This thought as well as having to face him LYING to me and the arbitrator makes me not want to do it.  But I know I will, eventually.  Because those “things” have meaning for me, not to him.

So right now I sew.  I sew because I like it.  I sew because I feel I get something accomplished. I sew because it lets me be creative.  And I don’t get that creative chance much anymore.

Coasters for teacher:


Shopping bag for teacher:



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