Surfacing to Breathe in a Sea of Negativity

The “norm” in my life had become the antithesis of positive.

I have come to realize this during this year of learning to breathe again.

Yes, there are days I am drowning.  Drowning in overwhelming thoughts of the future – how will I make it?  Drowning in guilt over how my children’s lives have become so different – will they be ok?  Drowning in the literal reams of papers and paperwork due to the legal process and how the X is being so difficult.

And there are days I just want to breathe.  Breathe in the positive.  To steer myself in that direction.  To the light, to the end of this madness.  To the days of calm and happy.

*I* need to do the steering.  *I* need to surround myself with the positives – the positive people, the positive experiences the positive passageways.  I’ve found someone who does all of this.  He gives me strength, courage to tackle the hard stuff and best of all, his cup is always half full.


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