Best Part of My Day

I’ve been teaching a few private adult swim lessons this summer.  The students range from couldn’t swim at all to stroke technique.  I have a program idea in my mind for adults and this was a great way to start (again) to put current “theories” into practice. Anyway, this guy I’ve been working with for … More Best Part of My Day

A Little Sewing

My friend and her daughter will be in town this week visiting her grandma.  Very belated birthday gift for the little girl.  I hadn’t made one of these in a long time.  Pen/Crayon rolls are such a convenient thing to pop into your bag or backpack and they can entertain kids for a long time! … More A Little Sewing

Maddening Day

So today was my first venture to Family Court.  Second time a date was scheduled (first one had to be canceled because STBX wasn’t cooperating with the mediators and they needed to cancel the date). F’ing HUGE waste of time. So STBX wants ME to pay him support (I work part time) because he is … More Maddening Day

I am Labeled

I read this somewhere not too long ago.  That couples going through a divorce become labeled as “difficult” because they can’t come to agreements on their custody stipulation.  When in fact it is because one party nit picks and keeps changing their mind.  Or doing things to make it difficult for the other.  Or can’t … More I am Labeled

Adding to the Flock

My daughter has always loved her stuffies.  Every year it seems to change from animal to animal.  We went through the dogs, hedgehogs, polar bears and seahorses.  Now it has been birds.  Since preschool. Ducky now is enamored with parrots.  She has her favorite, “Reddy” and a small flock of parrots.  Today we made one … More Adding to the Flock

Just Right

You know when things are “just right?”   Just the “right” fit.  Just the “right” amount.  Just feels “right.” That’s where I am with the LOML. I have never been with someone so romantic.  And you would never guess he is that way.  As I mentioned, he gives me flowers.  He gave me flowers in … More Just Right